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Welcome to... The Sniffing Zone

At The Snffing Zone, we offer K9 Nose Work® classes as an enriching and rewarding scent detection game, where dogs + handlers, work as a team.

This activity is suitable for any age/breed dog to participate. It is held within a safe environment, one dog at a time.

Based on detection dog concepts, we focus on building your dog’s innate scenting instinct by engaging your dogs’ curiosity through solving scent puzzles, building upon skills your dog already has!

Teams can enjoy this activity casually, as a fun exercise, or competitively, at trial.

The good news: no prior dog handling or training experience is necessary to start your K9 Nose Work® journey.

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K9 Nose Work®
with The Sniffing Zone

Scent Work
Supplies + Equipment

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Learn more about training with The Sniffing Zone.

From Introduction to K9 Nose Work® / Odour courses, to regular Scent School classes or 1-on-1 Tutoring, we can assist you on your journey into the wonderful world of scent detection.


Browse our range of Nose Work training supplies for your sniffing activities. 

We also make and sell dog accessories, suitable for your nose work journey.

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