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Scent Work Resources

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Podcast: K9 Detection Collaborative

Candid conversations about the reality of training, deploying or competing with a canine partner.

Scent Work Uni: All About Scent Work Podcast

Want more Scent Work training tips? A behind-the-curtain look at what your instructor or trial official is going through? Geek out on all things Scent Work? Then give our All About Scent Work Podcast a listen! We post new episodes regularly, and are certain you will enjoy it.

The Science of Emotions: Jaak Panksepp at TEDxRainier

Given an inherent subjective nature, emotions have long been a nearly impenetrable topic for scientific research. Affective neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp explains a modern approach to emotions, and how taking seriously the emotions of other animals might soon improve the lives of millions.

Sue Sternberg + Dana Zinn: The Dog-Driven Search

This fabulous hard-cover and e-book discusses human body language and the nonverbal conversations we are always having with our dogs. This book teaches the human half of the team how to fully support and trust the canine half of the team, so together they can experience the wonder of engaging in the dog's olfactory world.

Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab - Barnard College, NYC

Our primary interest is understanding, scientifically, the dog's experience: what it is like to be a dog. Our studies aim to get a handle on what dogs perceive and know by presenting them with puzzles, novel objects, and short games at the lab with their owners.
This link is to a list of publications which can be obtained from Barnard College.

Countryside Dog Sports witth Holly Bushard: Blog

More scent work related reading...

Canine Olfaction: Physiology, Behavior, and Possibilities for Practical Applications

Dogs have an extraordinary olfactory capability, which far exceeds that of humans. Dogs’ sense of smell seems to be the main sense, allowing them to not only gather both current and historical information about their surrounding environment, but also to find the source of the smell, which is crucial for locating food, danger, or partners for reproduction. Dogs can be trained by humans to use their olfactory abilities in a variety of fields, with a detection limit often much lower than that of sophisticated laboratory instruments. The specific anatomical and physiological features of dog olfaction allow humans to achieve outstanding results in the detection of drugs, explosives, and different illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, or infectious disease. This article provides an overview of the anatomical features and physiological mechanisms involved in the process of odor detection and identification, as well as behavioral aspects of canine olfaction and its use in the service of humans in many fields.

Peta Clarke Online Scent Work Membership

Canine Education Academy brings you Peta Clarke. Peta is a professional animal trainer for 30 years. Over the last 10 years she has fallen in love with scent work "games" for dogs. From backyard enrichment to coaching high level competition teams, learn Scentwork with Peta!

Your High-Intensity Feelings May Be Tiring You Out

Why you are tired after a trial!

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy: Website

Access online training, workshops + seminars for a range of dog sports, including scent work.

They offer some good workshops. Be sure to follow them on Facebook.

ABC iView: A Dog's World With Tony Armstrong - Episode 2

In this episode, Tony Armstrong takes us on a journey into the incredible senses of our four-legged friends. Research is revealing ways we can help our dogs become the happiest and healthiest pooch in the park.

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