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Lulu is the first doggo I have trained in K9 Nose Work®

We attended an Intro to K9 Nose Work® workshop in 2018, when Lulu was an itty-bitty little lady, for fun + out of interest - the rest is history!! I never imagined I'd find myself teaching others but this activity has me hooked - like so many others before me. Plus, when you find something your dog loves, you just roll with it right?

After several years training in Melbourne, and competing at trails, I decided to take the leap and become a Certified Nose Work Instructor [CNWI] through the National Association of Canine Scent Work [NACSW].

We call Wynyard TAS home, after making the move back in 2023, and offer K9 Nose Work along the NW Coast of Tasmania.

Outside of training, I binge on any resource that helps me understand how to become a better instructor but also a stronger team when we train and trial, by learning as much as I can from experts from around the world. This knowledge is shared with my students. We are currently working on obtaining our ANKC Excellent Title [SWE] and are elligble to competing in Master level for 3 of the 4 elements.

On the side, we run a pet brand, producing hand-made dog accessories, Lulu Loves, obviously named after Lulu.

Previously though, my work life was as a property professional with a Bachelor of Economics [UTAS] + Grad. Dip in Property [Uni of SA] also under the belt.

** Memberships **
National Association of Canine Scent Work, USA
Australian Canine Scent Work

Dogs Victoria + Dog Tasmania

Melinda [ANWI] + Lulu [SWA]
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