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A simple, long leather line for your searching! Available in 3 widths, multiple lengths + 15 colours and with Low-Lead, Solid Brass hardware.

This leash comes standard without a handle.


We use two stlyes of BioThane for these leads. Our personal fav is the BioThane Adjustable [ADJ] - available in 6 colours [more by special order*]. It is softer, lighter and more flexible than BioThane Standard [STD] yet still super durable. We also offer BioThane Standard in 15 standard colours [more by special order*].


*contact us to place a special order for a colour we do not offer as standard. It will take approx. 3 weeks to prepare your item in this case.


A simple, long BioThane line for your searching! 
The beauty of BioThane? It is water-proof, easy to clean, smell-proof and super durable!


Select from:

  • 3 widths of webbing [small dog, go narrow - big dog, go wider];
  • 14 colours;
  • Two different webbing stlyes [BioThane Standard or BioThane Adjustable]; +
  • Multiple lengths!!


About the Webbing Style Choices:

  • ADJ: BioThane Adjustable -  thinner, more flexible
  • STD: BioThane Standard - a little heavier and a little more bulky

We make this line without a handle at the end.

Simply tie a knot in the end of the leash so you can feel when you are at the end of the line.

If you require a temporary handle on this leash at any point, you can easily tie a loop at the end it.

Otherwise, leave us a note to add a handle onto it for you!


Please note:

X Any of the BioThane Adjustable [ADJ] in 13mm width require us to specifically order in this webbing as we do not stock this as a regular option, therefore, they may take a little longer to make as we need to allow the materials to arrive - up to 3 weeks.

X We can make this item with Stainless Steel hardware - just leave a note with your order.

LEASH: BioThane

PriceFrom $45.00
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