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A simple, long leather line for your searching! Available in 2 leather colours [6mm in diameter] and multiple lengths.


This leash ideal for dog sports such as Tracking / Scent Work.


Made with a solid brass clip to attach to the collar/harness, held in place with a simple but strong knot. We also tie a knot in the handle end of the leash so you can feel when you are at the end of the line. If you require a handle on this leash, you can easily tie a loop or slip knot at the end.



We can select from a small [5cm clip] or average sized clip [7cm] for this leash.


  • We would suggest the smaller clip for dogs UNDER approx 16-18kg*.
  • We would suggest the average clip for dogs OVER approx 16-18kg.


We also offer both bolt style and scissor style swivel clips.

There is an image showing the difference between each of the styles.


Personally, I like the scissor clip but I have the smaller clip and it feels less fiddly.


The average sized bolt clip is shown in the close-up product images for this item.


*We would suggest the averge size clip for dogs under 18kg if they are busy workers who can be a little high-drive [some staffies ♥ I know, come to mind] or for taller dogs who may come in under 18kg [some working breeds etc].



We can add a leather detail to this leash, down by the swivel. Select from the colours shown in the image.​​​


We can prepare this leash in longer lengths if required, just flick us a message!


This leash is not designed for the restraint of strong pulling dogs as it has a lower break-load, than other styles of leather + man-made webbings. It is to allow movement of the dog while they are working in their designated sport, on-leash, with low to minimal pressure due to the light weight of this lead. The break load for this leather is 90kg [so imagine hanging 90kg of weights on this leash - it can snap from this pressure onwards].

LEASH: Round Leather Cord

PriceFrom $40.00
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