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We have prepared this super useful tool to track your outcomes and progress in ANKC Scent Work Trials!


Our Excel Spreadsheet comprises 4 simple work-sheets. I have mine saved online [OneDrive/Google Sheets or Drive etc] and update it at trail, if I have time.


  • Page 1: TITLE OVERVIEW. We just have included a clear breakdown [from the ANKC Scent Work Rules] explaining requirements of the Odour Search Title levels and each Element Level.
  • Page 2: TITLE REGO'S. If you're anything like me, you forget if, when and how you paid for each trail. And if the trial is cancelled [happened during covid with snap lockdowns], record how and when you are refunded. We have also added in refund fields for those unlucky enough to be balloted out of elements. Keep all your info in one place to easily record this information.
  • Page 3: TITLE TRACKER. Record your progress towards Title/s [our format also makes ANKC title applications easy with fields for all info required on the title application form]
  • Page 4: TRIAL RESULTS. Speaks for itself - record your results from each trial, clearly. You will be able to see how you are preforming in each element, allowing you to target your training to the areas you may be seeing an issue with.


  • The document includes drop-down menus options for quick responsesin qualifying fields.
  • We have also duplicated Pages 3 + 4 in the event you are trialling two dogs - simply copy these pages for any additional dogs. These pages can also be deleted if not required. We suggest you update 'Dog1' + 'Dog2' on the Tab, to your dog's name/s - it will then print on as the heading your page.
  • You can easily see which elements you have been sniffing up a storm in and which elements you might want to gear your training towards.



This is all yours for $4. What a bargain! It has taken us ages [lots of TRIAL + error] to perfect the features of this file so that it easily tracks trial outcomes and progress towards titles.


Copyright © 2022 The Sniffing Zone. All Rights Reserved.
This file is for the exclusive use of the buyer only.
It is an offence to share, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, modify, create derivative works, or transmit this file.

Scent Work Trial + Title Progress Tracker - Excel File

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